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Ultraflex Electronit BeCu Knitted Wire Shielding

Ultraflex BeCu Mesh

Product Description

UltraFlex CuBe Mesh offers superb resiliency for consistent, point-to-point contact requiring the lowest compression forces among all other shielding materials and configurations. Optimum mechanical properties of beryllium copper with shielding effectiveness as much as 20 dB higher than conventional materials.

AerospaceCabinet Applications
Data InfrastructureDatacom
Energy & UtilitiesGeneral applications
Industrial ElectronicsMobile Infrastructure
Test and MeasureTransportation

Automated PackagingCustom Automation
Custom Product DevelopmentPrototyping

IT cabinetsRadar
Remote radio unitsTelecom cabinets
Wireless infrastructure

Datasheets and Documents

Parts (20)
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Part NumberPart Name
8101-01XX-40Ultraflex Hollow Core Round
8101-01XX-41Ultraflex Hollow Core Round, Tin plate
8101-01XX-47Ultraflex Hollow Core Round, Nickel plate
8101-01XX-48Ultraflex Hollow Core Round, Cadmium plate
8101-01XX-49Ultraflex Hollow Core Round, Zinc Clear Chromate
8102-01XX-40Ultraflex D-Shape with PSA
8102-01XX-41Ultraflex D-Shape with PSA, Tin plate
8102-01XX-47Ultraflex D-Shape with PSA, Nickel plate
8102-01XX-48Ultraflex D-Shape with PSA, Cadmium plate
8102-01XX-49Ultraflex D-Shape with PSA, Zinc Clear Chromate
8103-01XX-40Ultraflex Hollow Core Round with Single Fin
8103-01XX-41Ultraflex Hollow Core Round with Single Fin, Tin plate
8103-01XX-47Ultraflex Hollow Core Round with Single Fin, Nickel plate
8103-01XX-48Ultraflex Hollow Core Round with Single Fin, Cadmium plate
8103-01XX-49Ultraflex Hollow Core Round with Single Fin, Zinc Clear Chromate
8104-01XX-40Ultraflex Hollow Core Double Round
8104-01XX-41Ultraflex Hollow Core Double Round, Tin plate
8104-01XX-47Ultraflex Hollow Core Double Round, Nickel plate
8104-01XX-48Ultraflex Hollow Core Double Round, Cadmium plate
8104-01XX-49Ultraflex Hollow Core Double Round, Zinc Clear Chromate

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