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Tgard 200

Thermally Conductive Insulator

Product Description

The Tgard 200 is a high performance interface pad. Consisting of a silicone/boron nitride composite, these fiberglass-reinforced pads are used when the lowest thermal resistance and highest dielectric strength are required A high-tear, cut-through and puncture-resistant product, the Tgard 200 is tough and strong. Burrs cause no problems for the material and the pad will not dry out, crack or fail when pressured between mating parts. The Tgard 200 is available in the following sizes: 0.010""; (0.25 mm) die cut shapes only 0.020""; (0.51 mm) sheets and die cut shapes 0.030""; (0.75 mm) sheets and die cut shapes

Features and Benefits
  • Cut through and puncture resistant
  • High thermal performace
  • High Dielectric Strength

Healthcare / MedicalIndustrial

Automated PackagingAutomated Pad Placement
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

Automotive ElectronicsAutomotive Lighting
Automotive Powertrain/ECUsInstrumentation
LED LightingPower Converters
Power Supplies

Technical Specification

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Volts AC)6000.0
Dielectric Constant5.00
Hardness (Shore 00)85
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)200
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-60
Reinforcement CarrierFiberglass
Shelf Life2 years from Date of Shipment with Adhesive: 1 year from date of shipment
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Max (C-in2/W)1.020
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.550
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Max (C-in2/W)0.767
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.520
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Max (C-in2/W)0.650
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.490
Thickness Max (inches)0.030
Thickness Max (mm)0.76
Thickness Min (inches)0.010
Thickness Min (mm)0.25
UL Flammability RatingV-0
Volume Resistivity1.00 x10^12 Ohm-cm
Parts (7)
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Part NumberPart NameThickness (mm)Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Volts AC)Reinforcement CarrierThermal Resistance @ 10 psi(C - in2 / W)
A10113-80Tgard 210,A0 14x16in0.256000.0Fiberglass0.55
A10113-81Tgard 210,A1 14x16in0.256000.0Fiberglass0.87
A10114-02Tgard 220,A1 8x8in0.516000.0Fiberglass
A10114-25Tgard 220,A0 16x16in,0.516000.0Fiberglass1.02
A10114-26Tgard 220,A1 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass
A15392-01Tgard 230,A0 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass
A15392-02Tgard 230,A1 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass

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