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Tflex CR350

Two Part Liquid Dispensable Gap Filler

Product Description

Tflex CR350 is a soft, compliant, high thermal conductivity, two-part dispensable gap filler providing a low thermal resistance and high reliability. This dispensable gap filler minimizes stress on components during assembly while providing the reliability of a traditional thermal pad. Tflex CR350 is ideal for application where large gap tolerances are present, meeting vertical shock and vibe requirements, typical of the automotive industry. The 1:1 mix is easily dispensable through a wide variety of off the shelve dispensing equipment. It is an A+B putty material that cures in place after dispensing and mixing to perfectly fill the gap. The experts at Laird can help design the system that is right for you

Features and Benefits
  • Thermal Conductivity 3.6W/mK
  • Dispensable and Compliant
  • Easily reworkable
  • Ideal for large gaps
  • Environmentally friendly solution that meets regulatory requirements


Automated PackagingAutomated Pad Placement
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

Automotive ElectronicsAutomotive Powertrain/ECUs

Technical Specification

Density (g/cc)3.20
Hardness (Shore 00)69
Minimum Bondline Thickness (microns)85
Minimum Bondline Thickness (mm)0.09
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)200
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-55
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.040
Outgassing TML (%)0.580
Shelf Life6 months from Date of Shipment
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)3.60
UL Flammability RatingV-0
Viscosity (cP)350000
Volume Resistivity2.60 x10^14 Ohm-cm
Parts (3)
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Part NumberPart NameMinimum Bondline Thickness (microns)Density (g/cc)Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)Hardness (Shore 00)Color
A18000-02Tflex CR350 50cc cartridge853.20-5520069Pink/White
A18000-04Tflex CR350 400cc cartridge853.20-5520069Pink/White
A18000-05Tflex CR350 26kg, 1 Gal pail kit853.20-5520069Pink/White

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