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Tflex B200

Silicone based Thermal Gap Filler

Product Description

Tflex B200 is a reliable, compliant thermal interface material offering good thermal performance and easier handling and features a range of multiple surface and enforcement options for a variety of applications. This gap fillers low modulus interface and softness relieves mechanical stress. It properly fills gaps, with tolerance to reduce thermal resistance. Tflex B200 helps absorb shock, resulting in improved device reliability over the long term. It has high dielectric insulation which works to protect against dielectric breakdown in or between devices. Tflex B200 as a standard product is naturally tacky on both sides and requires no additional adhesive coating to inhibit thermal performance. The tack is designed to hold the pad in place during assembly and transport. Tflex B200MFG, an option featuring fiberglass in the middle, has strong tensile and both sides exhibit tackiness properties. This helps prevent deforming during manual or automated assembly. Tflex B200FG, a second option, has fiberglass enforcement located near one side. It offers a side difference, a higher deflection than the B200MFG option, and provides protection close to one side.

Features and Benefits
  • Compliant to application surfaces, long term reliable
  • Shock resistance in automotive
  • Fiberglass enforcement options to protect from breakthrough or deforming
  • protection with high DBV


Automated PackagingAutomated Pad Placement
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

Automotive ADASAutomotive Electronics
Automotive InfotainmentAutomotive Powertrain/ECUs
Drones/SatellitesGaming Systems
InstrumentationNotebooks/Tablets/Portable Devices
RoutersSmart Home Devices
Wireless infrastructure

Technical Specification

Density (g/cc)2.20
Hardness (Shore 00)42
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)150
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-40
Outgassing CVCM (%)0.070
Outgassing TML (%)0.320
Shelf Life2 years from Date of Shipment
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK)2.00
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Max (C-in2/W)3.144
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.732
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Max (C-in2/W)2.759
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.662
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Max (C-in2/W)2.480
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.616
Thickness Max (inches)0.200
Thickness Max (mm)5.08
Thickness Min (inches)0.040
Thickness Min (mm)1.02
UL Flammability RatingV-0
Volume Resistivity2.00 x10^13 Ohm-cm
Parts (18)
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Part NumberPart NameThermal Conductivity (W/mK)Thickness(inches)Thickness (mm)Hardness (Shore 00)Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)Color
A17915-04Tflex B240 18x18IN2.000.0401.0242150-40Grey
A17915-06Tflex B260 18x18IN2.000.0601.5242150-40Grey
A17915-08Tflex B280 18x18IN2.000.0802.0342150-40Grey
A17915-10Tflex B2100 18x18IN2.000.1002.5442150-40Grey
A17915-12Tflex B2120 18x18IN2.000.1203.0542150-40Grey
A17915-14Tflex B2140 18x18IN2.000.1403.5642150-40Grey
A17915-16Tflex B2160 18x18IN2.000.1604.0642150-40Grey
A17915-18Tflex B2180 18x18IN2.000.1804.5742150-40Grey
A17915-20Tflex B2200 18x18IN2.000.2005.0842150-40Grey
A17916-04Tflex B240 9x9IN2.000.0401.0242150-40Grey
A17916-06Tflex B260 9x9IN2.000.0601.5242150-40Grey
A17916-08Tflex B280 9x9IN2.000.0802.0342150-40Grey
A17916-10Tflex B2100 9x9IN2.000.1002.5442150-40Grey
A17916-12Tflex B2120 9x9IN2.000.1203.0542150-40Grey
A17916-14Tflex B2140 9x9IN2.000.1403.5642150-40Grey
A17916-16Tflex B2160 9x9IN2.000.1604.0642150-40Grey
A17916-18Tflex B2180 9x9IN2.000.1804.5742150-40Grey
A17916-20Tflex B2200 9x9IN2.000.2005.0842150-40Grey

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