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Fabric over Foam Gasket

Product Description

Laird Fabric-over-Foam (FOF) EMI gaskets provide a wide range of excellent EMI shielding performance and offer excellent assembly tolerance absorbing for customers where EMI issues occur. They are composed of electrically-conductive fabric wrapped around a soft foam core, and supplied with a non-conductive or conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) as well as an extended release liner on the adhesive. They can be created with cross-section profiles such as rectangle, D, C, P, T, knife, bell shapes, and others, and can be further customized to an application by die-cutting, hole punching, notching, etc.

Features and Benefits
  • Shielding effectiveness of >100 dB across a wide spectrum of frequencies.
  • Extremely low compression forces allow for use of lighter materials.
  • Low Surface Resistivity as low as 0.07 ohms/square dependent on the fabric. Fabric-Over-Foam gaskets provide improved conductivity.
  • A wide range of flame retardant gaskets is available (UL recognized per UL94 V0 or UL94 HB). More information is available at ul.com.
  • Abrasion-resistant metallized fabrics show virtually no degradation in shielding performance.

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Commercial TelecomComputing
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Computer serversDesktop computers
Digital camerasInternal/external hard drives
Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs)Medical equipment
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Datasheets and Documents

Technical Specification

Construction and CompositionConductive Fabric + Foam + PSA
Foam Core MaterialPolyurethane or Silicone
UL Flammability RatingUL94V0
Parts (7)
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Part NumberPart NameCompression SetConstruction and CompositionOperating Temperature Max (Celsius)Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)UL Flammability RatingUltrasoft
51G<20%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA70-40UL94V0
51H<20%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA70-40UL94V0
51N<20%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA70-40UL94V0
519<20%Conductive Fabric + Foam+ PSA70-40UL94V0Yes
618<8%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA125-40UL94V0
H1K<25%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA70-40UL94V0
X1G<12%Conductive Fabric + Foam + PSA85-40UL94V0

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