Selecting the Right Solution for Stray EMI

August 13, 2020, 11:52 am

Today's vast mix of electronic devices and systems produces wide-ranging, increasingly complex EMI issues. Crowded components spawn unique, often troublesome electromagnetic interference shielding, blocking or absorption challenges. Design engineers ask: Can we effectively and efficiently resolve EMI and achieve compliance? Can we finish on budget and according to plan?
Join us when Laird's Xiaotao Zhong delves into EMI issues from the customers' perspective - and shares how to make correct choices.
Resolving EMI involves careful listening, source analysis, and still more re-evaluation. Only then can wise decisions take place and the correct protective materials be applied. As a solutions supplier, Laird has a global reputation in fighting EMI through advancements and innovations in the material sciences. Here is your opportunity to quickly learn more. Xiaotao will examine a broad range of EMI scenarios - and Laird's full product suite addressing the challenges.
EMI is a large issue that grows more challenging each day. There's a large amount of education you'll need to succeed.
Join us via Microsoft Live Event at 10:00 am Central Time (US) on Thursday, Aug 20 and learn how to make the right choices!