Laird Performance Materials debuts at electronica China 2019, bringing latest electronics solutions

March 20, 2019, 4:24 pm

March 20, 2019, Shanghai – Laird Performance Materials (LPM), a leading global manufacturing and technology company whose products enable and protect high-performance electronics, is at electronica China 2019 for the first time, introducing its cutting-edge electronics protection applications for five major industries. These sectors include automotive, telecommunications, data communications, semiconductor and electronic devices such as wearables, tablets, laptops, gaming and drones.

With its theme, We Make Technology Work, LPM is displaying its newest products covering wireless and thermal management technology, high-performance materials, and automotive interconnection solutions. The LPM display continues until March 22.

Global customers leverage LPM’s innovative performance materials technologies extensively to protect ever smaller, sensitive, ever more sophisticated components against disruptive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and overheating. Such issues can hinder performance in a spectrum of applications. EMI and rising component temperatures affect the performance and reliability of everyday essential electronic components and devices, not to mention other factors such as health risks to users and regulatory non-compliance. Furthermore, LPM enables manufacturing project managers and design engineers to avoid cost run-ups when potential performance issues are detected at early stages of design.

John Zhang, CEO of Laird Performance Materials, said: “China is one of the most important markets for Laird Performance Materials. China is one of the world’s key manufacturers of electronics and semi-conductors, telecom and network equipment, automotive, and more. All of these rely on Laird’s innovation and passion to enable customers to keep designing products that perform at their best. With a national push for digital transformation in industries, China is expected to become a powerhouse in setting trends in these sectors and Laird Performance Materials is committed to help customers push innovation in design to the edge.”

electronica China 2019, now into its 17th year, is one of China’s leading platforms for electronic components, systems, applications and solutions.

LPM is leveraging the strength of the tradeshow to engage design engineers as well as distributors, buyers and partners, particularly at its booth highlighting heat transfer products, microwave absorbers and multiple function solutions (MFS). These solutions live up to design density challenges and demanding performance thresholds, given increasing government regulation imposed globally on electronic manufacturers.

Heat transfer solutions involve thermally conductive materials for performance-critical products such as mobile devices, wireless, and automotive electronics whose performance and reliability are sensitive to heat build-up. LPM’s thermal management solutions include thermal gap filler pads and sheets to spread out heat, providing protection and ensuring their optimal performance.

LPM’s various microwave absorber materials are designed for free space and cavity resonance applications. Products such as low loss dielectric filled polymers, custom molded elastomeric and reticulated foam, along with textile and custom composite products help engineers to resolve higher frequency challenges during design or testing phases, or for electromagnetic modelling, thermal or EMI management.

LPM’s multiple function solutions (MFS) involve combining the best materials to provide the best solutions to meet customer design challenges and requirements. For example, LPM offers options such as fusing board-level shields with heat transfer products, or combining shielding with structural metals and a variety of absorber products, or combinations of fabric-over-foam. This provides a single integrated solution to resolve a variety of design and performance challenges simultaneously.

LPM has also scheduled a series of in-booth seminars daily when LPM’s technology experts will assist prospects and customers to better understand how to leverage LPM’s technology strengths to deliver remarkable, next-generation solutions. Visitors can attend these seminars or view LPM’s key applications at its booth C1. 1366.

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