Laird Opens New Revenue Streams For Venue Owners

October 11, 2015, 8:00 pm

The expert viewpoints of Adam Alevy, Laird's Vice President of Technology for the Infrastructure Antenna Systems group, are highlighted in an article published by Telecome Ramblings regarding "The Connected Stadium."

In it Alevy points out incremental sources of revenue for sports franchises and venue owners thanks to the flexibility offered by a robust wireless infrastructure. The article points out that everyting from advertising to in-seat-ordering can be made more dynamic and personalized to maximize the experience for the fan as well as the revenue stream for the venue. 

Laird's Infrastructure Antenna Systems enable this more connected world making these new experiences and revenue streams possible. 

Telecom Ramblings is an indepdent, UK based publication reaching primarily managers and engineers across various sectors of the Telecommunications Industry. 

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