Laird Featured as Industry Leader for Connected Vehicles

July 19, 2015, 8:00 pm

The respected, U.K. based subscription news publication, Automotive World, published a contributed article by Laird automotive expert, Matt Van Dam. 

The article discusses the implications to safety and efficiency if all vehicles and roadway infrastructure were connected and able to share important information. 

Van Dam writes, "The challenge is that, network-connected cars and highways will operate in a far more complex radio frequency (RF) environment, which will require robust end-to-end infrastructure that enables immediate processing of life-critical, actionable data, and greater data security. 

One network technology that can provide this is called Dedicated Short Range Communication (or DSRC). DSRC can provide consistent communications to multiple points, and receive and transmit data among vehicles, roads and highway infrastructures. Importantly, DSRC also can help ensure data security."

DSRC is discussed in a new Laird whitepaper that can be downloaded free from this  link .

If you have a subscription to Automotive World, you can read the full article when you  CLICK HERE .