Laird's AA-230 Cooler Is Making Headlines Around the World

June 26, 2015, 8:00 pm

The AA-230 cooler from Laird's Engineered Thermal Solutions group is getting global attention after the product launched in June.

Madrid, Spain based '' is a growing publication for professionals in the technology industry. 

The publication writes, "because of its innovative design, Laird’s new AA-230’s steady state construction requires less maintenance than standard compressor based air conditioners. It also creates energy savings by maintaining the appropriate temperature range using less energy than standard air-to-air systems due to its high coefficient of performance (COP)."

Why would you refrigerate your entire house just to keep the milk cold? It sounds crazy but that's what many telecom electronics cabinets are doing. The AA-230 cooler enables the cabinents to be partitioned so that only the electronics requiring temperature control are cooled. This can save money on utility costs. And with the low maintenance requirements the cooler also saves time and money on repairs and maintenance calls. 

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