Solutions: Textil ISE

Tex Sense

Fexible Hands On Detection Sensor

Tex Sense is a hands on detection sensor specifically for use on steering wheels, which can incorporate heating if desired. The extremely flexible fabric used in the construction of the sensor allows for easier wrapping and stretching over of the steering wheel during automotive assembly process compared to competing technologies.

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Tex Switch

Flexible Capacitive Sensor

Flexible pressure sensor for use as pressure switch based on Laird's selectively plated conductive fabric. Due to the use of a flexible and durable conductive fabric, Tex Switch is ideal for smart floor mats or passenger seats as occupancy sensors.

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Tex Heat

Flexible Heating Element

Laird has developed and tested the ability to use our selectively plated conductive fabric as an effective heating element in smart garments and medical devices with even heating across the surface. The selective pattern fabrics offer high flexibility and durability for comfort on wearable devices and a cost efficient manufacturing method with reel to reel plated rolls in continuous high volume production.

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