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Protection for Protectors

Complex, highly-sensitive U.S. military/aerospace electronics must perform flawlessly, every time, and often in extreme environments across land, air and sea. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is an unending systems performance and security issue. So too is signal integrity, heat, vibration, and shock.

You need answers early when designing military and aerospace systems.

We can provide them. Here is a brief review of several aerospace and defense component solutions.


For decades, Laird Performance materials has delivered to America’s armed forces and the aerospace industry high-performance shielding materials. Grounding solutions. RF/microwave absorbers. Magnetic ceramic products. Some of the industry's highest performing dielectric materials. And more.

Major military contractors are major Laird partners.

Most recently, through our new multi-functional product solutions, your design team working with us can fuse board-level shields with thermal management products. Or shielding. Or with absorber products. Or other combinations. Laird answers these multiple protective design challenges simultaneously but using a single manufacturing process involving advanced materials science solutions.

Flawless performance. Sensitive, high density electronic components. They're huge challenges.

The bottom line: We offers products, technical know-how, design team support and the comprehensive global supply chain to meet military/aerospace/defense needs. Let's talk!

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