A holistic technology package tackling EMI / thermal and structural challenges at once

The signature of today’s advanced technology – whether it’s autonomous vehicles, 5G enabled devices, sensors creating an internet of things, or home routers – is high-speed, high-volume data transfer in increasingly dense packages. It poses new and unprecedented challenges for design engineers worldwide.

For one, these electronics generate an even higher potential for a significant amount of electromagnetic signal interference. New products operate at higher frequencies and use more powerful ICs/SOCs to facilitate enhanced data transfer and capabilities. But EMI is only one part of the problem. More components make electronics more powerful, but also hotter, thus increasing the need for fast, reliable heat dissipation. Don't forget about increasing needs for mechanical and environmental durability, space constraints, and lightweight designs. Enclosures are not just simple aesthetic housing. They are functional, essential parts helping to address EMI and thermal challenges while protecting devices and systems from potentially harsh environments.

Design engineers face a quandary: How do I effectively mitigate EMI and transfer heat in tight (and shrinking) space?

Laird´s new Integrated Solutions Portfolio addresses these multifaceted challenges with a unique range of multifunctional products and solutions. Combining our decades long wealth of expertise in EMI products, precision metals, RF absorber and thermal solutions - with the latest material and manufacturing innovations sparked a new way of thinking and has resulted in a plethora of value-add solutions. Significantly reducing your total cost of ownership and maintaining premium performance while lowering design iteration efforts is Laird´s driver for ISE (your Integrated Solutions Engineered).

Laird ISE is your one-stop-shop: from simulations/modeling to co-engineering, co-designing and high quality manufacturing. Challenge us to trust us.

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Thermally and eletro-magnetically enhanced die-cast, stamped, deep-drawn precision metal parts at board level (e.g. board level shields and RF absorber) or subassembly level (e.g. automotive heatsinks).

Enhanced Functionality

Metal-ISE solutions utilize Laird’s extensive automation capabilities to enhance precision metal components with our vast catalog of thermal and EMI materials. Laird is in a unique position to offer complete thermal and EMI solutions from one manufacturer, providing you with efficient manufacturing and lower total cost of ownership. Laird is your total solutions provider.

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Homogenous single layer or heterogenous multi-layer polymeric solutions offering multi-functional EMI/thermal performance, e.g. a thermally conductive RF absorber.

Merged Functionality

Laird Hybrid-ISE solutions merge thermal, EMI shielding, and microwave absorbers into a single-engineered package to meet your demands for cutting-edge products. Today’s electronics are creating more heat, are operating at higher frequencies, are needing to fit into smaller packages, and are relying on precise signals from their antennas to compete in an ever-evolving market landscape. Laird solutions are targeted directly to meet these challenges and needs.

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Highly durable mechanically stable solutions at enclosure and I/O interface level, e.g. radomes, using state of-the-art injection molding or forming capabilities.

Material Science Meets Structural Components

Laird Structur-ISE improves the performance of smart structural components, enabling them to provide more than just physical strength to your device. Device enclosures are tasked with more than just physical and environmental protection. Sensors and antennas need to interact with the outside world. Today’s sensors and antennas need smart structural materials to keep out unwanted interference and noise as well as ensure the desired signals pass through with no signal loss or degradation. Traditional plastics no longer meet these demands and need to evolve. Laird Structur-ISE is the solution.

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Electrically conductive fabrics enabling sensor, switch, and heating functionality, e.g. selectively plated stretch fabric.

Application of Smart Fabrics

Laird Textil-ISE utilizes selectively-plated flexible fabrics (stretchable and non-stretchable) to create assemblies providing more than just a conductive path. The Textil-ISE product family provides a solution for heating elements, capacitive sensors, and pressure switches, incorporating flexible fabrics as the basis for these solutions. The flexible nature of Textil-ISE allows its application in environments which are unsuitable for traditional circuit design.

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