ECCOSORB® high loss microwave absorbers are designed to attenuate electromagnetic interference by converting RF energy to heat. Applications vary from free space to cavities and so do their solutions. Free space includes reducing reflectivity from a metal surface to building small test chambers, shaping antenna beams and antenna isolation. Cavity applications include reducing or eliminating cavity resonances, isolating components via insertion loss reducing harmonics and terminating signals in waveguides. ECCOSORB® absorber products are available spanning a wide frequency range from 100 MHz well up into millimeter wave with proven applications above 100 GHz. Products are available as flexible foams, coatings and two-part resins to flexible elastomers and rigid polymers all in standard and custom configurations.


Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products offers a broad range of dielectric products used in antennas, transmission lines, cavity tuning probes, electronic modules and RF/microwave devices. Products may serve as low loss spacers, structural supports and encapsulants, thermal barriers as well as radomes. ECCOSTOCK® low loss dielectrics are available with loss tangents as low as .0001 and dielectric constants ranging from as low as 1.03 to as high as 30. Products are available as flexible and rigid foams including foam in place systems, rigid thermoset materials, composites with controlled K values as well as powders and adhesives.


Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products offers a broad range of products under the ECCOSHIELD® brand name for EMI/RFI applications. These products work by containing or excluding electromagnetic energy in RF modules and components, waveguides and structural enclosures. The ECCOSHIELD® product line offers a wide range of volume resistivities to achieve desired shielding effectiveness. Products are available as non-hardening caulking compounds, silicone or vinyl based sheets as well as conductive adhesives and coatings.

We are equipped with the technical know-how, software, and modeling capabilities to solve complex project issues

As a leader in the design and development of absorber technology materials, we understand that while material quality and design is important, being able to adequately solve and perfect challenges that arise during the design phase is key to a successful consumer experience. Our engineers thrive on innovation and welcome any request that comes their way. This is what separates us from our competitors – expert knowledge and a high quality product.

We have a full line of microwave absorber products for free space and cavity resonance applications, low loss dielectric filled polymers, custom molded elastomeric and reticulated foam, along with textile and custom composite products.

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Eccosorb® | Cavity Resonance

Dampening resonance solutions in enclosed space applications when the volume is on the order of a wavelength with non propagating waves.

Eccosorb® | Free Space

Free space solutions reduce reflections from surfaces and provide signal isolation and energy barrier between adjacent components. Involve propagating waves where the volume is large relative to wavelength of energy.

Eccosorb® | Near Field

Noise suppressor are board level solutions for EMI control to achieve better signal integrity.

Eccostock® | Low Loss Dielectric

Dielectrics have ability to compress waves and allow transmission of microwave energy useful in designing smaller circuit and lens.

Microwave absorbers

Microwave absorbers have been used in military and commercial applications for several decades. Traditionally they’re used for EMI reduction, antenna pattern shaping, and radar cross reduction. Recently with the rise of wireless electronics and the movement to higher frequencies, microwave absorbers or “noise suppression sheets” (NSS) are used to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) inside of the wireless electronics assemblies. Two types of NSS are used for these types of applications:


These are thin (0.1 to 3 mm) polymeric materials filled with magnetic particles. These materials have both high permeability (magnetic loss properties) and high permittivity (dielectric loss properties). This combination of properties makes these materials extremely effective in eliminating high frequency EMI. Laird Technologies has two product types that are used for commercial applications:

Q-Zorb HP (high permeability) uses innovative magnetic fillers to achieve extremely high permeabilities at low frequencies. This allows for thin materials to provide EMI reduction at frequencies below 2 GHz. This material comes in thicknesses of .15 mm and .5 mm. Q-Zorb HF (high frequency) is the optimum choice for cavity resonance problems from 2-18 GHz and higher. The material is available in thicknesses from .5 mm to 3.2 mm, and is supplied in sheets or as die cut components. Both materials are UL-VO and ROHS compliant. They can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for ease of installation.


These absorbers are based upon open celled foam permeated with a carbon coating. The carbon coating makes the resultant product lossy at microwave frequencies, acting like a free space resistor to incoming electromagnetic energy. These foam products range from 3.2 mm to 6.4 mm for internal cavity applications and can be several centimetres thick for outdoor applications. Two main product types are offered by Laird Technologies

RFLS- Lossy sheets are uniformly loaded with the carbon coating and used at 3.2 mm and 6.4 mm thick. They are supplied as sheet materials and may have PSA applied and fire-retardant coatings. RFRET- is a reticulated foam-based absorber. The materials are thicker; ranging from 3/8” to 2” in thickness. They can be used for air filtration and EMI, or on the inside of cabinet doors for broadband EMI attenuation.

Figure 1


Electronics operating at high frequencies can have problems with emission of high frequency noise. Once put inside an enclosure, the energy will add in phase at certain frequencies to cause resonances, which will hinder the performance of the device. A good example of this phenomenon is seen above in Figure 1. The amplifier was measured in the condition shown and subsequently remeasured inside of its enclosure. When put inside the enclosure the performance was severely degraded due to cavity resonances inside of the enclosure. The measured data is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Product Information:

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Low Loss Dielectrics

Configured to Defend

With the recent progress of wireless telecommunication, intelligent satellite systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT), there’s a constant demand for low-loss dielectric materials.  The exact properties of these materials: the composition, purity, and processing conditions are critical to their performance and endurance over time.  We have a full line of state-of-the-art, reliable dielectrics products that range from 1.05 to 30 dielectric constant in rod ,sheet form or even 3D shape, rigid or molded, and can custom fabricate anything to your needs.  What’s more, we have the modelling and testing capabilities to ensure your project is completed with ease and perfection.

Benefits of Our Low Loss Dielectrics:
  • Various form factor : compressible closed cell foam , elastomer, thermoplastic
  • Adjusted to multiple constants
  • Rigid or flexible materials
  • High / low t° stability
  • Adhesive options available

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    Microwave Absorbing Foam

    Microwave absorbing foam are lightweight cost effective solutions addressing today’s challenge in communication infrastructure .Single and multilayer structure consists of tuned absorbing layers with specific dielectric gradient to obtain its best possible matching with the impedance of air. These broadband absorbers are available in different thicknesses to target various frequency range.

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    Hybrid Absorbers

    Twice as Powerful

    When component issues arise, our hybrid absorbers are the answer. Designed to reduce the radiation of EMI noise and to provide a thermal path for heat to escape, our absorbers provide various levels of thermal conductivity and good attenuation across the board. Additionally, they can assist design engineers with solving EMI compliance and thermal management issues that originate from a specific board and overall have the potential to lower costs, as they act as a board-level shield (without the tooling investment). Tackle two problems efficiently with just one solution.

    Benefits of Our Hybrid Absorbers:
  • Operates between -40°C to 175°C
  • Custom shape and components available
  • Recommended for use between two interfaces
  • Soft, thermal gap filler material

  • Military Speciality Microwave and Custom Magnetic absorbers

    Military strong.

    For free space reflectivity reduction, telecom, cavity resonance and load materials for military and aerospace companies.

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    Elastomers and Films

    Let nothing interfere.

    To enhance shielding performance at high frequencies, our elastomers and films can aid a wide variety of problems like internal cavity resonances, antenna pattern shaping, and high frequency interference. Designed for all environmental situations, our elastomers provide superior weather resistance while our films can be used for external environments where weather is not an issue – they can be encapsulated in fiber-reinforced plastics to form flexible panels. Our full suite of elastomers and films are designed to operate at various frequencies and can be full customized to your specificity. Whatever the issue, our absorbers can help you solve.

    Benefits of Our Elastomers and Films:
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy to bond
  • Fully customizable solutions possible
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Multilayer broadband
  • Multiple frequency ranges
  • Thin, flexible materials possible

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    Injection Molded, Machined, and Casted

    Flexible solutions.

    For situations wherein pre-cut materials will not fit your unique design, our full line of epoxy and silicone-based molded, casted and machined absorbers can give you the attenuation you need. Absorber material can be precision machined or custom molded in a variety of complex shapes. Magnetically loaded but not electrically conductive, they can also be placed directly in contact with circuitry. Certain compounds loaded with specific fillers may be used in high volume applications that require reduction of interference and enhanced performances trough absorbers material. Due to their low out-gassing properties, these materials may be suitable for space applications.

    Benefits of Our Injection Molded, Machined & Casted Absorbers:
  • Will withstand temperature cycling
  • Easy to bond and release
  • Fully customizable solutions possible
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Two-component
  • Suppresses surface currents

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    Sample Kits / Accessories

    Durable bonding solutions.

    Absorber tapes, adhesives, and patching accessories.

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