5G Solutions


We’re experts at creating high quality EMI and thermal solutions for the top names in the technology sector.

The advent of 5G poses new, complex heat and electromagnetic interference challenges and we have a world-renowned portfolio of products and team of engineers who can help you solve all the issues from start to finish.

Learn more information about Hybrid Thermal/EMI Absorber for High Frequency, read our data sheet.

Coolzorb 5G Datasheet

How We Help

Wired/Wireless Infrastructure

5G cell towers operating on the higher frequency mmWaves and the implementation of massive MIMO are creating new heat and interference challenges.  The associated higher data rates are doing the same in cloud servers and storage systems.  Our best-in-class thermal interface and EMI materials can produce more efficient, powerful, and reliable infrastructure systems.

Mobile Devices

As markets continue to demand thinner, lighter, and faster devices, the electronic circuitry within the devices become denser, creating the opportunity for EMI and thermal issues. 5G mobile devices will only increase these issues. Our thin, lightweight products will keep your systems running smoothly and on-task at all times.

Internet of Things

Smaller wireless devices and their sensors require NEW structural systems and EMI solutions to keep them consistently connected and exchanging data. We led the way for IoT, showing commitment and expertise in its development, and we are doing the same for 5G.

Our products are specifically designed to address your 5G issues

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