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Techni3 Ltd are the official UK distribution partner for Laird Technologies and provide bespoke engineered solutions using Laird Technologies advanced EMC/RFI Shielding, Microwave Absorbtion and Thermal Interface Materials.

Techni3 specialise in offering and converting Laird Technologies’ vast product range of performance materials using Die cutting, CNC, waterjet cutting and vulcanisation, serving almost every major Electronic, Aerospace, Military, Military Aerospace, Formula 1 and automotive manufacturer in the UK and Europe.

Techni3 are very proud to be the selected UK sole distribution partner for Laird performance materials and have recently been named as one of the fastest growing distribution partners for Laird technologies in Europe.

Our Experience

We design, develop and deliver industry leading solutions that protect electronics. Enhancing performance and reliability for our customers.

We are a trusted partner to the world’s leading technology brands.

Our world-class materials science and engineering expertise provides the depth and breadth to solve the most complex problems.

Delivering custom-engineered solutions that push the boundaries of technology.

Solving the challenges of today and anticipating those of tomorrow

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