Eccostock PP

Frequency Key features Loss tan Dielectric Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
60 Hz to 10 GHz excellent thermal insulation, low water absorption and vapor transmission 0.0001 1.03-1.06 0.3 cm to 0.6 cm -80°C to 85°C In/Out
Low loss, low density, closed cell, compressible polyethylene foam

Eccostock PP is a closed cell, cross-linked hydrocarbon foam with low dielectric loss, low dielectric constant, and low density.  This foam is light-weight, weather resistant and has negligible water absorption and provides excellent thermal insulation.  The dielectric constant does not change with frequency and any change with temperature is negligible. 

Eccostock PP will return to its normal thickness after being compressed and can be used in a variety of microwave applications.  Due to the low dielectric constant, the material is essentially transparent to electromagnetic energy.  As such it can be used as radomes, blankets and coverings where radar transparency is required.  It has also found uses on ocean buoyancy applications and has been used as a spacer in antenna applications.