Eccostock HIK 500F

Frequency Key features Loss tan Dielectric Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
1 to 40 GHz low water absorption, adjusted dielectric constant 0.0005 2.54 0.6 cm to 7.6 cm -56°C to 204°C In
High temperature, low loss, adjusted constant stock

Eccostock HIK 500F is a series of controlled dielectric constants materials ranging from 3 to 30. These materials are usable up to 204°C with intermittent temperatures to 260°C.  Dielectric loss is low and the accuracy of the dielectric constant is ±3% for K<16 and ±10% for K>16.  The material has low water absorption and low outgassing for space applications.

Typical applications are for reducing the overall size of a waveguide by increasing the dielectric constant, cavity tuning probes, patch antennas, and dielectric support pieces.