Eccostock FFP

Key features Loss tan Dielectric Thickness Service T°
extremely light weight, non-burning, heat cure, no shrinkage 0.005 1.25 Cured in place -65°C to 175°C
One part, epoxy based, free flowing powder

Eccostock FFP is a low loss, one part, epoxy based free flowing powder that cures to a rigid non-burning syntactic foam.  Eccostock FFP is designed to infiltrate densely populated electronic packages, readily filling void space around components when vibrated in place. It can be used to stabilize crystal oscillators as well as other delicate components that need to be held in place or thermally protected.  It may also be used in machinery operating in high vibration environments to minimize damage to electrical components. 

Eccostock FFP is extremely lightweight and provides physical support as well as thermal insulation without increasing the weight or affecting the dielectric constant.  During cure, its shrinkage is negligible exerting minimal stress on delicate components. Cure can be accomplished at temperatures as low as 100°C, but higher temperatures will shorten the cure cycle time.