Eccostock 0005

Frequency Key features Loss tan Dielectric Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
60 Hz to 12 GHz low density, high tensile & flexural strengths, low water absorption 0.0005 2.53 0.3 cm to 7.6 cm -60°C to 100°C In/Out
Translucent, rigid, cross-linked polystyrene, does not flow

Eccostock 0005 is a translucent, low dielectric loss, cross-linked polystyrene stock that is impervious to moisture.  It is a thermosetting plastic that will not flow when subjected to excessive heat and has excellent high and low temperature stability.  The material can also withstand high voltages and is superior to most plastics when exposed to radiation.  As the name suggests the dissipation factor is .0005

Eccostock 0005 is particularly useful in RF and microwave applications.  It has been used as the spacer in Type N connectors and for other machined parts in coaxial transmission lines.  Machined parts are also used as waveguide supports, antenna insulators, and as complete microwave lenses. Other applications include material testing devices, surveillance equipment, radar windows, radomes and missile guidance system housings.