Eccosorb AN-W

Frequency Key features Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
600 MHz and above Fire retardancy per ASTM 1692-59T, does not support fungal growth per MIL-STD-810E, .15 W/cm² power handling 0.6 cm to 11.4 cm 90°C Out
Broadband foam laminate sheets wrapped with a weatherproof material

Eccosorb AN-W is a series of lightweight, free space, multi-layer, broadband microwave absorbers which can be used outdoors or in situations where the absorber will come in contact with fuel, lubricants, or hydraulic fluids. Products are made from polyurethane foam that is treated with carbon and assembled in a laminate construction to generate a controlled conductivity gradient. Each product in the series has it’s own low end cut-off frequency that forms the basis of selection based on operating frequency. Reflectivity reduction is at least 17 dB down for normal incident energy with the correct choice of Eccosorb AN-W absorber.

Examples for use include radar antenna nacelles, anechoic enclosures, antenna or target test mounts in radar ranges, and reducing reflections from buildings on antenna ranges.  Eccosorb AN-W can also be used to produce desired modifications in antenna patterns such as the reduction of side-lobes and back-lobes.

Should Eccosorb AN-W need to be cut or trimmed, this may compromise its effectiveness for outdoor applications. A special neoprene coated fabric called
Eccosorb 86B tape is available in conjunction with Eccostock 13-111 adhesive to reseal exposed edges.