Eccosorb MCS-U

Frequency Key features Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
800 MHz to 18 GHz PSA option available, easily cut, non-conductive, abrasion resistance 1 mm -40°C to 120°C In/Out
High loss, magnetically loaded, urethane rubber sheet for low frequencies

Eccosorb MCS-U is a thin, flexible, magnetically loaded, abrasion resistant urethane rubber material that is electrically non-conductive. This product is particularly suitable for cavity resonance reduction applications in the 800 MHZ to 6 GHz range.

When placed within a cavity Eccsorb MCS-U has proven to be very effective at dampening resonances due to its high permittivity and permeability. It can also be used to suppress surface currents and to modify antenna patterns, act as an attenuator in transmission lines or reduce the radar cross section of objects.  It is also useful in reducing RF coupling of antennas and microwave components. 
Eccosorb MCS-U is impervious to moisture but is not recommended for space applications. ECCOSORB® MCS is recommended for space applications due to its much better outgassing properties.