Eccosorb HR

Frequency Key features Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
above 5 GHz Very lightweight and inexpensive, easily cut, conductive 10mm, 15mm and 25mm 90°C In
Lightweight, reticulated foam sheet with carbon gradient

Eccosorb HR is a series of lightweight, free space, broadband absorbers that are electrically conductive.  Made from reticulated (open-cell) polyurethane foam, Eccosorb HR has a continuous conductivity gradient that is single layer construction and inexpensive.

Products are selected based on operating frequency and can achieve less than 1% reflection (-20 dB) for normal incident energy when placed on a metal ground plane.  If required, an integral reflective backing (ML) can be provided.  In situations where the absorber will come in contact with water, fuel, hydraulic fluids, or will be used outdoors, Eccosorb ANW is recommended. 

Applications include shrouds for low side lobe reflector antennas, isolation of adjacent antennas and array elements, in radar absorbing blankets for military applications and in moderate performance anechoic chambers and less sensitive regions of high performance chambers.