Eccosorb FGM-U

Frequency Key features Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
6 GHz and above Flame resistant, low water absorption, excellent abrasion resistance, 0.25 to 2.0 mm & 3.3mm -40°C to 120°C In/Out
Thin, flexible, magnetically loaded urethane sheet

Eccosorb FGM-U is a series of thin, flexible, broadband, magnetic loaded urethane absorbers.  Both Eccosorb FGM-U-40(1.0mm thickness) and Eccosorb FGM-U-125 (3.3mm thickness) operate as free space absorbers in the range of 2.0 to 12.0 GHz. The thinner Eccosorb FGM-U-40 will easily conform to contoured surfaces and both Eccosorb FGM-U-40 and FGM-U-125 can be bonded to metallic or non-metallic structures.  Eccosorb FGM-U is completely impervious to moisture and can be subjected to outdoor environments and high altitudes, but is not recommended for space applications.  It can be easily cut with a knife or die and can be held in place with an optional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (-SA).

Eccosorb FGM-U is used to line cavities in which antennas operate.  These may be aircraft nacelles or caps to isolate radiation for test purposes.  It is even effective at high power levels and has a service temperature higher than most other silicone rubber absorbers.