Eccosorb CRS

Frequency Key features Availability Service T° In or outdoor
1 GHz and above Density of 4.16 & 4.55 g/cm³, high viscosity, low water absorption 1 kg & 4 kg kits Max 160°C In/Out
2-part castable silicone resin (flexible)

Eccosorb CRS is a series of castable, magnetically loaded, RTV silicone rubber materials.  When fully cured, Eccosorb CRS will duplicate the physical and electrical properties of the corresponding material in the Eccosorb MFS series.  For example, Eccosorb CRS-117 is equivalent to Eccosorb MFS-117. 

Eccosorb CRS can be used to cast cones, wedges and pyramids for termination loads.  It can be used to fill cavities or can be painted on surfaces to suppress the flow of currents.  This product line finds use in antennas and transmission lines.  Microwave gaskets can also be poured directly in place where a sheet elastomer would not fit and has been poured around the bases of microwave tubes to prevent undesired energy flow. 

When bonded to surfaces, Eccosorb CRS will withstand temperature cycling (even to cryogenic temperatures).  It can be deformed and shaped to contoured surfaces and is not subject to damage from impact or shock.  It will also bond to itself but will release from most other surfaces so metal molds are suitable for casting shapes.

All members of the Eccosorb CRS series are supplied as two component kits consisting of a Component A (resin) and Component B (catalyst).