Eccosorb CFS-8480

Frequency Key features Availability Service T° In or outdoor
0.8 to 18 GHz Density of 2.8g/cc, low water absorption 1 kg & 4 kg kits 275° C In/Out
Ferrite-filled, two-part, castable silicone rubber, exhibits high loss in the UHF-range

Eccosorb CFS-8480 is a castable, magnetically loaded, silicone rubber material that exhibits high loss in the UHF and lower end of the microwave range.  It is physically similar to Eccosorb CRS, but has quite different electrical properties making it much more useful in the UHF region and the lower microwave frequency range.

Eccosorb CFS-8480 is a magnetically loaded material, which has a high magnetic loss tangent and is electrically non-conductive.  When poured or painted on surfaces, it will suppress surface currents, reduce the reflectivity of objects, and lower the Q of a cavity.  It can also be used to mold terminations and attenuators.

Eccosorb CFS-8480 is supplied as a two component kit consisting of a Component A (resin) and Component B (catalyst).