Eccosorb BSR-U

Frequency Key features Thickness Service T° In or outdoor
6 GHz and above flexible, easily cut, low water absorption, excellent abrasion resistance 0.25 mm to 2.54 mm -40°C to 120°C In/Out
High-loss, thin, electrically non-conductive polyurethane absorber

Eccosorb BSR-U is an ultra-thin, flexible, high-loss, urethane  material that is electrically non-conductive.  The product is particularly well suited for cavity resonance applications in very small microwave cavities typically seen in higher frequencies.  When placed within a cavity Eccosorb BSR-U has proven to be very effective at dampening resonances due to the absorbers high permittivity and permeability. The main advantage of the polyurethane version is its ease of bonding and the availability of a self-adhesive version, which will allow quick assembly.