Eccoshield VY

Key features Resistivity Availability Service T° In or outdoor
prevents corrosion 0.001 ohm-cm 400g & 1kg container -40°C to 288°C In
Highly conductive, non-hardening, caulking compound & sealer

Eccoshield VY is a single-component electrically conductive non-hardening compound of metallic particles.  It was designed specifically for use on RF shielded structures, cabinets, conduits, and components to ensure containment or exclusion of RF energy.  When properly applied, Eccoshield VY will exhibit a dramatic improvement in virtually any RFI situation.  It assures long-term integrity of the shielding enclosure and will prevent corrosion in the contact area.

Eccoshield VY is effective over the entire useful radio and microwave frequency range for magnetic fields, electric fields, and plane waves.  Due to high tack and non-hardening characteristics, it will function under vibration and displacement due to temperature changes.

Applications include sealing the seams of equipment cabinets by forcing Eccoshield VY into the seams, sealing corrugated sheet metal buildings, and gasketing removable cover plates with an application of Eccoshield VY prior to bolting.  Conduit threaded joints are also made RF tight by the application of a small amount of Eccoshield VY to the threads prior to tightening.