Eccoshield ES

Resistivity Availability Service T° In or outdoor
0.02 Ohm-sq 100g & 500g containers -35 to 66°C In
Highly conductive, lacquer based surface coating

Eccoshield ES is a highly conductive surface coating that is a fine silver based lacquer and is sufficiently fluid enough that it will readily flow into cracks.  However, Eccoshield ES will not fill gross voids at joints or seams; use a caulking compound such as Eccoshield VY. 

Eccoshield ES was specifically formulated for RF shielding applications and is often used to improve the RF integrity of metal housings or screen rooms.  By applying Eccoshield ES to joints, seams and contacting surfaces, it is possible to convert a reasonably good metal structure to one of greater than 100 dB insertion loss from 15 kHz to 10 GHz.  Metal to metal contact can be improved significantly as the coating fills slight irregularities.