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Tgard 200

Thermally Conductive Insulator

Product Description

The Tgard 200 is a high performance interface pad. Consisting of a silicone/boron nitride composite, these fiberglass-reinforced pads are used when the lowest thermal resistance and highest dielectric strength are required A high-tear, cut-through and puncture-resistant product, the Tgard™ 200 is tough and strong. Burrs cause no problems for the material and the pad will not dry out, crack or fail when pressured between mating parts. The Tgard™ 200 is available in the following sizes: 0.010""; (0.25 mm) die cut shapes only 0.020""; (0.51 mm) sheets and die cut shapes 0.030""; (0.75 mm) sheets and die cut shapes

Features and Benefits
  • Cut through and puncture resistant
  • High thermal performace
  • High Dielectric Strength

Healthcare / MedicalIndustrial

Automated PackagingAutomated Pad Placement
Custom AutomationCustom Product Development

Automotive ElectronicsAutomotive Lighting
Automotive Powertrain/ECUsInstrumentation
LED LightingPower Converters
Power Supplies

Technical Specification

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Volts AC)6000.0
Dielectric Constant5.00
Hardness (Shore 00)85
Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)200
Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)-60
Reinforcement CarrierFiberglass
Shelf Life2 years from Date of Shipment with Adhesive: 1 year from date of shipment
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Max (C-in2/W)1.020
Thermal Resistance @10 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.550
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Max (C-in2/W)0.767
Thermal Resistance @30 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.520
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Max (C-in2/W)0.650
Thermal Resistance @50 psi Min (C-in2/W)0.490
Thickness Max (inches)0.030
Thickness Max (mm)0.76
Thickness Min (inches)0.010
Thickness Min (mm)0.25
UL Flammability RatingV-0
Volume Resistivity1.00 x10^12 Ohm-cm
Parts (7)
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Part NumberPart NameThickness (mm)Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (Volts AC)Reinforcement CarrierThermal Resistance @ 10 psi(C - in2 / W)
A10113-80Tgard 210,A0 14x16in0.256000.0Fiberglass0.55
A10113-81Tgard 210,A1 14x16in0.256000.0Fiberglass0.87
A10114-02Tgard 220,A1 8x8in0.516000.0Fiberglass
A10114-25Tgard 220,A0 16x16in,0.516000.0Fiberglass1.02
A10114-26Tgard 220,A1 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass
A15392-01Tgard 230,A0 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass
A15392-02Tgard 230,A1 16x16in0.766000.0Fiberglass

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