MaxAir Vent Panel

Laird new patented MaxAir vent panel product line provides an innovative cost effective approach for providing increased airflow and EMI protection for telecommunications hardware equipment such as fans and server racks. This nickel copper plated polycarbonate honeycomb material provides a rigid medium eliminating the need for costly frame designs. This frameless design allows greater airflow through the entire honeycomb surface and ease of installation through its press-to-fit assembly. The MaxAir vent panel provides greater durability and flexibility than traditional aluminum vent panels. Varying densities of material are available to meet specific levels of rigidity requirements. The honeycomb cell size can be 0.125"" (3.18mm) or 0.250"" (6.35mm) in standard thicknesses of 0.250"" (6.35mm) and 0.500"" (12.70mm).


ApplicationsTelecommunications hardware equipment Fans Military applications Server racks Shielded rooms;Product Features


MaxAir Specification Sheet Datasheet.pdf