3070-500 Nickel/Copper Polyester Knitted Mesh

Laird Technologies Flectron Nickel/Copper Polyester Knitted Mesh is a unique fabric, manufactured using a patented, proprietary technology. This technology combines highly conductive copper and corrosion resistant nickel with the lightweight, flexibility, conformability, breathability and uniform appearance of a knitted mesh. Mesh offers excellent surface conductivity, shielding effectiveness, and reflectivity for a variety of applications. Flectron Nickel/Copper Polyester Knitted Mesh can be used in many different configurations to protect against EMI/RFI for a variety of applications and environments. Typical applications include: enclosures, curtains, gaskets, cable wrap, tapes, shielding laminates, and grounding.


IndustriesCabinet applications, Televisions, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Servers, Printers, Networking, Computing; Product Features


EMI-DS-FOF-3070-500 040113.pdf