3035-410 High Resistance Nickel Taffeta Fabric

Flectron metallized fabric combines highly conductive metals with lightweight fabric to meet a diverse range of EMI/RFI shielding requirements. Manufactured with Laird patented technology Flectron metallized fabric is available in various woven and non-woven substrate configurations. ??Whether used as an architectural shielding product to shield complete rooms or as the shielding material in EMI gaskets tapes and shield laminates Flectron fabrics provide a highly effective shielding system that is cost-effective and easily applied. ??Laird uses a patented technology for applying thin metal coatings of copper or nickel to woven and nonwoven fabrics. As a result Flectron metallized materials have the flexibility conformability and breathability of a fabric with the electrical properties of a metal. This means low surface and through resistivity and excellent shielding effectiveness.


MaterialPolyester Taffeta; Nominal Thickness


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