Emerson & Cuming, fully incorporated into Laird since 2012, was founded in 1948 with sole focus on doing microwave materials R&D for US government military applications.  As the leading pioneer in the development of microwave absorber technology, Emerson & Cuming developed and manufactured the first microwave absorbing materials for stealth applications.

The company later introduced a complete line of absorber products, low loss dielectric materials and Luneberg lenses. More then sixty years later, it is still serving the needs of the military and its extensive subcontractor market. Today, the technology is supported by the best quality program in the industry and backed by an expert team of application specialists and product development engineers. High quality, leading edge technology and the flexibility to tackle unique projects is the reason why Laird should be your sole source for interference control products for RF applications. 
Laird offers products for free space reflectivity reduction and insertion loss as well as cavity resonance absorbers and load materials for Air, Land, Sea and Space applications.