Eccosorb SF used in Thermal Vacuum Chambers for Ground Based Satellite Testing

When Aerospace engineers are designing high performance test chambers for multi-million dollar satellites only the best materials will do. That’s why engineers look to Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products’ ECCOSORB® SF product line.

This silicone based microwave absorber was designed to reduce reflections from a metal surface and can be tuned to your desired frequency. When installed against a metal surface ECCOSORB® SF will offer at least –20 dB of reflection loss or better within a 5% bandwidth. (see graph at right). Able to withstand temperatures of 325 °F, handle 0.2 W/cm2 power, and pass outgas testing per ASTM E-595-90, it’s no wonder why Eccosorb SF is the first and only choice for ground based, vacuumtest chambers. Upon request this absorber can also be supplied with an adhesive backing, designated -SS6M, which also passes ASTM E-595-90 outgas testing.


Eccosorb SF has been used successfully in the following applications :

  • Inmarsat IV Satellite, ECCOSORB® SF-2.2
  • Japanese GPS Satellite, ECCOSORB® SF-1.2/SS6M (SS6M = adhesive backed)
  • Several US Satellites ECCOSORB® SF-1.5
  • Argentinean-Italian Earth Resource Satellites, ECCOSORB® SF-1.275