Eccosorb Coating 300 solves Interference/Compliance Problem for Leading Optical Network Manufacturer

Interference problems in high power optical switching and long haul telecom equipment at a leading manufacturer of optical networking equipment resulted in an emergency call for a simple answer to a complex problem. The solution had to address the interference and related compliance issues in a comprehensive cost-effective way. That's what Eccosorb Coating 300, a versatile two-part polyurethane coating system developed by Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, accomplished.
Eccosorb Coating 300 was used to line the inner walls of the chassis containing the switching equipment. The production staff was impressed with the ease of applying the spray coating and how completely it covered the complex shape of the chassis. Another attractive benefit was the speed with which full coverage was achieved. With the coating application designed into the process, the manufacturer was successful in meeting FCC compliance regulations for the equipment.

Eccosorb Coating 300 is a thixotropic coating that can be applied with a brush or by using conventional spray equipment. It is ideal for applying to complex surfaces, which are not amenable to flat sheet elastomers or foam absorbers. The product reduces specular reflections, attenuates surface currents and reduces Q factors of cavities.