Capabilities & Services

State-of-the-Art Carbon Line Processing Facility

Up to 10,000 m² of dipped and sprayed carbon foam products can be produced each week at our state-of-the-art facility in Geel, Belgium. Benefits include consistent electrical properties, cost effectiveness based on low rejection rates, and reduced need for inventorying finished goods.

Kiss-cutting Process

Kiss cutting delivers precision cuts through a top layer of material (absorber and adhesive) without cutting the bottom release liner, such as a sheet of stickers.  This is commonly used when cutting several different parts and the customer wishes to keep all of the parts together on one sheet or as a set.



Laird has developed castable absorber and dielectric technology as a way to reduce part cost for the customer over traditional machining methods. Generally, cast parts can be significantly less expensive and have shorter lead-times to produce. Process development improvements have produced excellent dimensional tolerances. Where high volume production and low cost is a mandatory requirement, Laird also offers thermoplastic based absorber that are amenable to injection molding techniques.

Research & Development and Test Facilities

Continuing investment in people and equipment enables Laird to maintain its global leadership position in the military, aerospace, commercial, wireless communications, automotive, and biomedical markets. Our test facilities allow us to develop value added solutions for our customers. Some of the electrical test capabilities include: microwave reflectivity measurements from 500 MHz to 26 GHz, complex material electromagnetic parameters from 500 MHz to 18 GHz, dielectric constant and loss tangent measurements; volume resistivity, and electrical conductivity.

Laird also offers a wide range of mechanical and environmental testing. Typical mechanical properties that can be measured include: elongation, tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, and thermal coefficient of expansion. Our most common environmental tests available include: water absorption and resistance, flammability, temperature range and resistance and stability.

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