Telecom Applications

Attenuator Kit for Field Test

In order to evaluate the performance of an antenna receiver installation, a special attenuator kit has been designed. It consists of 4 calibrated attenuators. The main advantage of this method is the ease of calibrating antennas without disconnecting the wiring of the system. The base material is Eccosorb LS

Cavity Resonance Reduction

Specially formulated Mold-in-Place (MIP) absorber was used in this housing to reduce cavity resonances.  Traditionally an elastomeric absorber would be die cut and held in place with a peel and stick adhesive.  However, in this application due to the amount of cavities requiring absorber the manual time involved for placing it would be cost prohibitive.  As such the MIP absorber was cast directly into the housing for a clean finish.

Low-pass band filters

Eccostock FPH/12-4H, a pink, high-temperature, low dielectric constant polyurethane foam was selected as a staking compound for use in lumped low-pass band filters capable of 5000W of radio frequency RF power.  By staking these coils in place, the filter now has excellent mechanical and thermal stability, but still allows tuning and adjustment in the final assembly steps.

Sidelobes Reduction

It is imperative that communication antennas exhibit high directivity.  The effect of sidelobes on a receiver antenna can cause it to become vulnerable to antenna noise from stray signals outside the main source.   Therefore, extraneous signals such as side lobes must be minimized.  Eccosorb HR can be used to line the inside of a metallic shroud to eliminate reflections and increase the directivity of the parabolic antenna.  

Read more in our application note.

Waveguide Termination

Eccosorb MF-117, a magnetically loaded epoxy, was selected for a high frequency (84-116 GHz) waveguide termination used in the international Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).  The RF performance of this load was measured using a 75-116 GHz Vector Network Analyzer. The reflected signal from the load was attenuated by more than 20 dB across the entire RF bandwidth.