Medical Applications

Gynaecological device

Emerson & Cuming MWP was contacted by a supplier of medical equipment, who was looking for a dielectric material to optimize the performance of a new gynaecological device. After a period of study and close cooperation, our Eccostock HIK-material was selected for the new design. The material ensures that the emitted RF energy stays well focused.

Radiation treatment equipment

An electronics manufacturer was designing and building radiation treatment equipment requiring a custom designed absorber to reduce stray EMI. 
A magnetron operating at 3 GHz was radiating electromagnetic energy that was interferring with water flow transducers and solid-state pulse sensors. 
Sensors have a high impedance output which make them far more susceptible to noise than other components.

The solution was a low frequency castable absorber called Eccosorb CFS-8480.
Designed primarily for casting complex parts for use in the lower microwave frequency range, CFS-8480 was cast to a customers print. 
This sleeve or “boot” was fitted directly over the magnetron armature to quell the leaky signal.

Sensors in ultrasound Transducers

Eccosorb CR, a castable absorber, is used on sensors mounted in ultrasound transducers.  Used to reduce cavity resonance, Eccosorb CR is applied to dampen stray signals.