Aerospace Applications

Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on AURA Spacecraft

Eccosorb BSR-1/SS6M is used to cover the entire surface of the inside of the quasi-optical bench that holds mirrors, dichroic beam splitters and polarizers that split up the incoming signal to different wavelength receivers. 
The Eccosorb BSR-1/SS6M prevents the scattering of the radar beam that would give false readings of wavelength intensity. 

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Thermal Vacuum Chamber Testing for Satellites

Eccosorb SF can be tuned to reduce reflections inside a ground based thermal vacuum chamber. 
See below for successful applications
• Inmarsat IV Satellite, Eccosorb SF-2.2
• Japanese GPS Satellite, Eccosorb SF-1.2/SS6M
• Several US Satellites Eccosorb SF-1.5
• Argentinean Earth Resource Satellites, Eccosorb SF-1.275